Jan 1
A colorful year of 2021 is about to start. On the occasion of the New Year’s Day, I would like to represent Hongwang Group to express my sincere gratitude and heartfelt wishes to all Hongwang’s friends, employees, and your families. Thank you for your continued concern and support for Hongwang!

2020 was destined to be unforgettable! The world is facing severe challenges and serious difficulties. Under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee with General Secretary Xi Jinping at its core, the Chinese people have worked with one heart, one mind and one goal successfully overcome difficulties. With a series of major strategic achievements in economic and social development, China has become the only major economy in the world to achieve positive growth. This provides a solid guarantee for the happy life of each of us and creates a favorable environment for the rapid development of every enterprise.

In 2020, we have experienced together, struggled and developed together; also we know more how to be grateful and cherish. In 2020, Hongwang entered the China's top 500 enterprises list . The development of Hongwang is inseparable from the guidance of the Party and the government; the supports of various financial institutions, our customers and partners. Sincerely thank every friend, Hongwang will adhere to the principles of sincere cooperation and mutual benefit to create a better future with you.

Facing the opportunities and challenges of the changing times, we urgently need to increase momentum. In 2021, Hongwang’s people will continue to integrate knowledge with action, continue to strengthen our corporate culture, continue to improve the comprehensive quality of the management team, and create a dynamic and high-quality talent team to jointly draw a better Hongwang blueprint.

Hongwang will adhere to customer-centric and market demand-oriented attitude, continue to develop new products, improve the regional layout strategy and steadily increase comprehensive production capacity. Besides, the product structure will be enriched, strict product quality control will be applied, and products of superior quality will be the result. The high-quality and timely service create value for our clients. The series of surface finishing projects is the new direction of Hongwang's focus on the development of the industry. While rapidly increasing the existing finishing scale, we will further strengthen our customized production and terminal distribution service capabilities and expand our high-quality terminal customer. We will promote product brand upgrades, carry out precise positioning according to different market needs and customer groups, and provide differentiated and personalized brands and after-sales services. To work with industry chain partners for win-win development, and continue to strengthen the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry chain.

Happiness and a bright future will not appear on their own. Success belongs to the courageous and committed people. In the new year, I hope to join all of our Hongwang brothers and sisters with infinite expectations and yearning for a better life, love and dedication to the stainless steel business, and a sense of mission and responsibility for Hongwang's sustainable development. Keep your feet on the ground,continue to struggle. Let’s write a new chapter of happy and colorful development.

I wish you all a happy new year, fruitful work, happy family and all the best!

Chairman: Cuhui, Dai
January 1st, 2021