Hongwang Holding Group is an enterprise specializes in the production of cold-rolled stainless steel, electrical steel, coil and sheet finishing products. The group holds the following subsidiaries:
Zhaoqing Hongwang Metal Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Fujian Hongwang Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Shandong Hongwang Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Yangjiang Hongwang Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Hunan Hongwang New Material Technologies Co., Ltd.
Sichuan Hongwang Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd.
Henan Hongwang Metal Materials Co., Ltd.
Zhaoqing Hongwang Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd
Guangdong Hongwang New Material Technologies Co., Ltd.
Wuxi Hongwang Stailess Steel Co., Ltd.
Hongwang Technology Service Co., Ltd.  
Hongwang Holding Group ranked the 451st in the 2021 list of the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises; the 220th in the Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises; the 234th in the Top 500 Private Enterprises; and the 131st in the Top 500 Manufacturing Private Enterprises. The group has awarded the title of Chinese Advanced Enterprises in Stainless Steel Industry. Relevant subsidiaries are national high-tech enterprises. Our product brand gains the title of Famous Trademark of China, and our product quality wins the honor of Quality Trustworthy Unit.
Hongwang has nearly 3000 professional employees, equipped with industry-leading stainless steel and electrical steel production equipment. The group also has whole-coil sandblasting, 8K, Ti-black, AFP, PVD coating and other finishing equipment with independent intellectual property rights. Our core products are cold-rolled stainless steel coils of 200, 300, 400 series; electrical steel coils of high magnetic induction, high-grade, grain oriented and non-oriented; as well as finished products. Our products are widely used in kitchen utensils, medical equipment, household appliances, automotive components, building decoration, electrical machinery, and other fields. With excellent product quality, good reputation, and innovative marketing concepts, our products are in good demand of both domestic and abroad.
The group established a strategic partnership with famous steel enterprises to achieve effective integration of production-supply-marketing resources to further enhance product quality. Hongwang improves production efficiency, enhances cost control and resource management through research and development of products that meet customer needs. In addition to focus on the efficiency and the equipment, Hongwang constantly explores more effective management methods, which will lead the company towards the top-ranking new metal material group.
Hongwang adhering to the vision of “dreams for all”, to the core value of “customer focus, employees care, integrity management, sustainable development”, and to promote the company spirits of “dare to innovation, devotion, live earnestly, work happily”. We have trustworthy and highly efficient management team together with professional personnel provide Hongwang the strength to satisfy customers with quality products and excellent service.