Aug 23
Hongwang Group 2021 Mid-year Work Summary Meeting and the 4th Management Seminar were successfully concluded
The 2021 Mid-year Work Summary Meeting and the 4th Management Seminar of Hongwang Group were held in Guangdong Hongwang from July 17th to 18th. The main leaders of the group headquarters and its subsidiaries attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Chairman Dai Cuhui affirmed the achievements of each company in the first half of the year and asked everyone to summarize, share, and learn to each other, so as to better guide our work in the second half of the year. He pointed out that summary is for learning and improvement. Only when we know the problem can we improve it better. At the same time, we must share good experience for everyone to learn from.

Chairman Dai emphasized: Facing the complex and changeable economic situation and industrial environment, we must continue to focus on technological innovation and customer service, strengthen refined management, product quality improvement, personnel training, safety and environmental protection. Focus on the status of new projects in Indonesia, Zhejiang, Fujian, to ensure that the projects proceed as planned. Later on, the managers of each subsidiary reported their work review summary in the first half of 2021 and the work objectives and plans for the second half of 2021.

Learn from the Party , Government, and Tsingshan
Difficulties are everywhere, and it is the value of our Hongwang people to overcome them by all means. As a private entity manufacturing industry, we must learn from the Party and the Government, learn from Tsingshan, learn from the " Three Stricts and Three Earnests" of party members and cadres. Have the courage to take responsibility, unite and cooperate, and be a Hongwang person who dares to take responsibility and make a difference.

Pragmatic and work hard
We must believe that "There is a god on the scene, and the answer is on the site" The management shall go to the front line and the site, actively advocate the hardworking spirit of dare to face problems and challenges, do more practical things, and improve the executive power of management decision-making. Unite and lead the team, practice the enterprise culture with practical actions, and achieve the unity of knowledge and action.

Continuously improve the quality and cultivation of managers
We need to resolve the problem of the inexperience of younger cadres, and improve the team’s overall quality, especially managers and key employees. Strictly demand ourselves from the most subtle aspects such as words and deeds, and earnestly give full play to managers’ exemplary and leading role, so as to give people confidence, trust, and conviction. 

Actively recruit and cultivate outstanding talents
We must continue to improve the ability to attract and cultivate outstanding talents, adhere to the talent training idea of "internal training and external recruiting, focusing on internal." We will create a fair, open, and inclusive environment, discover and cultivate outstanding talents willing to take responsibility from the front line, and continue improving corporate skills’ competitiveness.

Play out advantages and Evaluate by results and performance
We must fully use the Group’s competitive advantages in regional layout, process technology, and corporate culture. Adhere to the result-oriented approach, use comprehensive quality and essential performance indicators assessment as tools, and perform management and control by the division of responsibilities, work together and strive to achieve the core assessment indicators in the second half of the year. 

Co-create, Co-build, and Co-share Hongwang platform
Hongwang is a platform for the joint development of all employees. We must cherish such a platform today, give full play to our ingenuity, and actively contribute to the development of the group. The group will also further improve the talent development mechanism to stimulate initiative and work enthusiasm comprehensively.

I am responsible for my post, and please rest assured of my work------The 4th Management Seminar
The 4th Management Symposium takes "I am responsible for my post, and please rest assured of my work," aiming to deepen and practice our enterprise culture concept of "everyone's work must be done so that the company can rest assured of you, and the superiors can rest assured of you, the subordinates and team members can rest assured of you”, gather new ideas for work, and at the same time excavates a group of outstanding talents with ideas and potential. The seminar was hosted by Deng Hongxiang, general manager of Fujian Hongwang.

After various selections, 36 contestants finally shared their thinking and exploration in customer service, quality control, intelligent manufacturing, safety, environmental protection, enterprise culture, talent training, and other aspects of their work. The atmosphere at the scene climaxed one after another.

After public review by the Group Management Committee, Shandong Hongwang Zhu Liming, Zhaoqing Hongwang Yuan Yao, and Group Headquarters Zhou Shuaige won the first prize. Wuxi Hongwang Li Qihao, Zhaoqing Hongwang Zeng Yongfeng, Fujian Hongwang Che Liwen, Yangjiang Hongwang Xiang Tianliang, Yangjiang Hongwang Tang Xiaojiang, and Shandong Hongwang Xiao Haifeng won the second prize. Yangjiang Hongwang Yu Rongfeng, Fujian Hongwang Zhang Xian, Shandong Hongwang Yang Shiwei, Fujian Hongwang Qianhui, Zhaoqing Hongwang Liu Liliang, Shandong Hongwang Zhong Biying, Wuxi Hongwang Xu Jianjie, Zhaoqing Hongwang Zhu Ling and Guangdong Hongwang Wang Mingling won the third prize.

In the end, Chairman Dai summed it up with "contributions and dedications worth remembering," thanked everyone for their hard work in the first half of the year, and encouraged everyone to make persistent efforts. As long as everyone implements the theme and ideas of the seminar," it will be "a great thing".