Mar 16
Mr. Xingrui Ma, the Governor of Guangdong Province, visited Yangjiang Hongwang
On February 25, Mr. Xingrui Ma, the Governor of Guangdong Province, visited Yangjiang to carried out investigation and study on promoting the prevention and control of the COVID-19, and economic and social development.

Governor Ma emphasized the importance of epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development. With gradual progress made in epidemic prevention and control work, we will also unleash the potential of economic development to promote the construction of ongoing and newly started projects, and strive to achieve the economic and social development goals for the year.

In the production workshop, the provincial delegation visited  our annual capacity of 700,000 tons,four-stand tandem mills continuous with hot and cold annealing and pickling line  and the intelligent centralized control center. They hear about the schedule which we are making through every effort to resume production, our "unmanned" intelligent manufacturing planning and implementation progress, talent introduction and new products, new technology development direction and other relevant situations, the governor Ma encouraged us to spare no efforts to complete our target , promoting technological innovation and industrial upgrading.

The following guests are also coming to the company: Executive Vice Governor, Mr. Keqing Lin; Secretary-General, Mr. Xiaotao Liu; Director of the provincial development and reform commission, Mr. Changwei, Ge; Director of the provincial department of industry and information technology, Mr. Gaokun, Tu; Director of the provincial department of nature resource, Mr. Guangrong, Chen; Director of the provincial department of ecological environment, Mr. Xiulu, Lu; Secretary of Yangjiang municipal party committee, Mr. Lansheng, Jiao; The Mayor of Yangjiang, Mr. Zhanbin, Wen.